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I appreciate her clarity and the simple compassionate way she communicates her findings. I never feel like she is trying to fix me, nor do I feel her inserting her own agenda or personal ideas about my situation. Rather — she paints a clear picture of my astrological nature, what I am likely experiencing at the moment and what I can expect in the near and further future. I leave sessions with her feeling deeply seen, understood and with a clearer sense of what is going on as well as what I would do well to focus on moving forward. She also tends to give me a good heads-up to the challenges I need to look out for and how I can navigate those challenges in order to experience the most ease and benefit possible.

Clear, professional, knowledgeable and an all-around pleasure! No joke - she's one of my greatest manifestations yet! Without question, I have never had the blessing to come across a more highly gifted astrologer. She is exquisitely knowledgeable, professional, and a true oracle of the heavens, effortlessly marrying her intuitive sense with her reading of charts. All with a fabulous sense of humour, sensitivity, and compassion when the planets are really giving you a challenging period to work with. I'm left speechless after every reading.

The Great Transformative Total Solar Eclipse of March 2016

Birth Chart, Transits and Progressions, and Astrocartography - she'll blow you away. As a medical doctor, healer and spiritual teacher, I've had the deepest privilege to work with many gifted people and masters, but I can say this with my hand on my heart: Rene's talent and finesse in making the movements of the heavens intelligible and understandable to those she works with during this period in humanity's evolution has truly brought a dimension of clarity to the way I navigate in my life and understand the words: "As above.

So Below". If you've chanced upon her webpage; look no further.

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Your whole life is about to have an entire additional dimension of insight, potential, and magic added to it. Her deep understanding of the complexities of all levels of astrology is so apparent as she whips out your chart and slices and dices it. All Rights Reserved.

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No comments. What does this foretell? We are sensitive, creative, inspired to be out in nature and to learn. This is beautiful energy for the artist, someone who needs to detach from the world for a while, take a break from the real world. I recommend in whatever way you are creative use Wednesday and Thursday for those activities. In regard to love relationships, which is Venus territory as well, know your boundaries, take it slow so there are not misunderstandings between you and your love. It is happening to all of us so be gentle and kind to yourself and others. The fog will clear soon enough.

Friday November 15 th through Sunday November 17 th the Moon will be in Cancer for most of these 3 days. We may all feel sensitive to our surroundings, we may want to stay home because the world may feel a bit overwhelming at times or we are focused around home as many people are getting ready for family holiday traditions. Feeling edgy and out of sorts and we may not even know why. All of these Options are perfectly normal. Also, for all of Monday November 4th and most Tuesday November 5th the Moon will be in Aquarius which is a very analytical thinking energy it is not overly emotional.

This is fine as we have smart choices to make Tuesday especially if you are involved in voting and elections as we are here in New Hampshire.

Solar eclipse of February 3, - Wikipedia

We need to be easy on ourselves and hold others with the same kind of understanding and compassion we know we need. Another way we can engage positively with all this water energy is through creativity, imagination and artistic activities.

With this combination between these three planets if we trust our intuition and take that path of least resistance then we will be able to meet our goals, complete projects and feel accomplished. For the weekend November 9th and 10th here are some of the specifics about this Aries Moon and other transits we have going on.

July 12222 Eclipses in Astrology

First off, the moon entered the sign of Aries early Friday morning and remains in that sign till Sunday night. The overall energy of this is one of action and movement and discovery of what we personally need in our lives since Aries is so focused on the self.

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  • This weekend in New England is the Natural Living Expo it is a huge event with hundreds of vendors and dozens of presentations every day. As an example of the Aries Moon and Mercury in Scorpio retrograde. A person could easily go about the whole weekend choosing one thing after another not spending too much time on one thing. Taking in a lecture here and there, getting a reading, buying books and crystals and learning about energy work etc.

    Whatever floats your boat this weekend and feels good to you, you are likely to do it without asking someone else what they think.

    Eclipse Magic & Wonder! February 11 - 17, 2018 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

    But what we will be doing no matter what your choice for the weekend activities are. You will be choosing from moment to moment exactly what you need based off of what you need not others. And with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio there are phenomenal opportunities to really go deep into something that is of interest to you; we call it research. So, take this weekend and be proactive by learning something doing something educating yourself in something that you have a lot of interest in. For the whole week we have the transiting Lunar North Node at the eclipse point from July 2nd look back to see what was happening for you then in regards to family and emotional wants and needs.

    Bringing it forward to now, the question is; are you taking care of yourself? Are you getting your emotional needs met? What is going on for your family? Monday October 28th early in the morning the sun in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. We are feeling it all through the week prior … Continue reading forecast …. Monday October 21st in the middle of the day the moon enters the sign of Leo and will remain in that sign into Wednesday. When the Moon is in Leo passion can rise within us we may be inspired to be creative and expressive in our emotions and through art. On Monday we also have Venus in the sign of Scorpio connecting to Neptune in the sign of Pisces this as well is a very creative and artistic connection between two planets. So, we have an opportunity Monday Tuesday and … Continue reading forecast ….

    Monday the 14th we have two aspects I would like to focus on.